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Whatever Happened To Keep It Simple?

I dont know, maybe its just me, but it seems the KISS
formula has been tossed out the window.

I visit various sites that are supposed to be selling a
merchandise or service and get various messages such as:

Wed like to let you know you do not have the latest
version of IE or Netscape and wed like to ask you to
upgrade your browser at this time.

Were sorry but this site might only be viewed with Internet

If you want to view our site youll have to download the
flash media software.

Sorry you need to download these plug ins before viewing
our page .

Well I have to admit Im out of there when it comes to any
of these sites.

If I am looking for a merchandise or service and you want my
money, dont inquire of me to jump through hoops to hand it to

Im not visiting your web page so I can spend the rest of the
night adding plug ins, upgrading browsers and being told
Im not welcome unless I do a "dog and pony" show for you.

Maybe Im wrong, but web surfers have a limited attention
span when it comes to generating a buying decision and I really
dont think theyre coming to be impressed by your page .
Theyre stopping by to see if you have what they want, absolutely need
or target .

Im sure many of these sites are building nice sales, but how
many more are they losing?

There are sites with a sales letter and maybe one or two
graphics making sales around the clock. You stop by, see
what they have to offer, and either you buy or you do not .

Theyre proverb , "Hey come as you are, youre always welcome."

I understand that there are a lot of goodies out there to impress
visitors with, but Id rather feel comfortable and welcome.

If you expect me to spend my money build it brain friendly. Im not
looking to spend the rest of the night creating upgrades and
changing browsers etc. so I can hand you my funds .

I could be old fashioned, but if you want my money, contruct me
feel relaxed . I dont positive need to be told I have to change
to hand you my money.

Im actually glad there are so many sites I cant view, it
saves me money.

Wishing You Success

John Colanzi.
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